Leonardo Gordillo

Leonardo Gordillo

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

Research areas:

Physics of fluids: interfaces, drops, free surfaces, waves, hydrodynamic instabilities, non-linear phenomena, experimental techniques, image analysis, fluid-structure interaction, velocimetry, control and automation.

More information in: https://fisica.usach.cl/users/leonardo-gordillo

Alejandro Leon

Alejandro León

Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Chile

Research areas:

Out-of-equilibrium systems (Nonlinear dynamics)
Magnetization dynamics and instabilities

marcel clerc

Marcel Clerc

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Research areas:
Nonlinear Physics: Mechanics, Nonlinear Optic, Liquid Crystals, Fluid dynamics, Magnetic Systems, Statistical mechanics, Stochastic process, Granular media, Non-equilibrium systems, Bifurcation, and Dynamical Systems Theory.

Saliya Coulibaly

Université de Lille, France

More information in: https://pro.univ-lille.fr/saliya-coulibaly

Fernando Mellado

Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile

More information in: https://www.uta.cl/index.php/departamentos-facultad-de-ciencias/

David laroze

David Laroze

Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile

More information in: http://iai.uta.cl/investigador/david-laroze/

claudia trejo

Claudia Trejo

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile

I am developing a project to study the mechanical properties of cells and elastic particles, at different hydrodynamic conditions, in order to relate them with the macroscopical properties of the suspension and determine parameters that may lead us to the diagnostics of specific pathologies and Point of Care Diagnostic applications.

More information in: http://fis.ucv.cl/claudia-trejo/

Yuliy Bludov

Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Yair Zarate

Yair Zárate

Pontificia Católica Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile